Lighting can either highlight the best or bring out the worst in any movie scene. We understand how important the role of lights is. Quality lights on rent are provided as per requirement.


Take your movie shooting to another level by our magical locations, awe-inspiring sets and high-tech equipment available on rent. Leave the nuances of film making to us while you concentrate on the big picture.

Technicians and Crew

We boast of having efficient and creative teams on board. Our creative team and ace technicians will be on their toes to assist you through your film making journey.


We offer a myriad of props that recreate a plethora of settings, cultures, eras, themes and occasions. Whatever is your requirement, we have it all.


The enthralling sets are fabricated in the ND Studio itself with our in-house highly skilled labour and technology. Thus, the studio aims towards building self-sustained business model, to run and grow on its own capabilities.


The ND Studio offers 176 rooms for accommodation. It offers a variety of rooms for superstars, technicians and other crew members who can stay within the studio premises, comfortably during the long period of shoots and film-making.


We offer elaborate catering services for the entire team which can be even of 1000 crew member. We ensure that the food preparations are hygienic, nutritious and delicious.