Post Production


We have professionals who are experts in video-editing. We would only require your footage, be it for film, an ad, or television along with your ideas. Our professional video editors analyze the nature and scope of your project and re-arrange or modify sections of the footage to form another video. While editing, our editors will remove unwanted shots, scenes, or sections of the video and follow a sequential order of time to form the new edited video. We use the process of non-linear editing. Our video editors are skilled and well-versed in Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, and other such editing software to edit footages given to them. In the next stage, clips are arranged on a timeline and music, titles, voice-overs, and effects are added. Once this is done, we send you the edited video in any format that you may require that can be CD-ROM, DVD, Web Streaming, Videotape, or any other format.


Whether you require soundtracks, voice-over, audio editing, or dubbing, ND can offer you all in a cost-effective manner. Our professional music composers and music directors are both talented and creative. ND’s composers are skilled in writing instrumentation, musical notation and handling musical ensembles. We can compose the right jingles, audio logos, or mnemonics for you. Just give us the brief and we will compose music of any style that you prefer, be it modern, classical, fusion, or any other style. We will keep your specifications in mind and compose music according to the tempo, length, and key of your choice.