About Us

Nitin Desai Art World Private Limited Was Set Up In 2002 By Nitin Chandrakant Desai. He Started His Career As An Art Director In Tv Serials And Then He Moved On To Films.

He worked on a variety of films winning many national awards for his early work. In 2005 he started ND a film and television production studio, established in northern suburb of Mumbai in Karjat, Maharashtra. At ND studios he has created a place where there are no restrictions for art to flourish. The studio offers a unique proposition as it provides services for all stages of Film production, from the initial stage of Storyboarding to the final stage of VFX.As Nitin Desai started out as a Production designer he believes in giving attention to every detail of his design, in a similar way he believes that every production taking place in ND Studios should have minute attention to detail and he wants to guide artists to make the film that they want to make.

ND Studios is located at Hatnoli village near Chowk. It is located just 19 Km from Panvel and it is Very conveniently placed between Mumbai and Pune. Spread over a total land area of 37 acres,ND studio is a place where numerous films have been made under the creative guidance of Nitin Desai.

250AD Films
100Tv Shows

We wish to push the envelope and uplift the Indian entertainment industry to world standards, and be the one stop solution for any kind of Art requirement,to support every artistic dream be it a big or small, and make it come true. We can support and manage any project in any given time,Money and circumstance. No dream is small for ND’s Art World.